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Reviving Defence Diversification

Activists from several Trade Unions are preparing to carry out research into how the skills of the workforce at the Faslane submarine base could be redeployed if Trident is not replaced.


On 17 September 2005 a workshop was held on this issue at the Scotland's for Peace Forum . A printer friendly version of the complete forum report can be downloaded.


Reviving Defence Diversification
Mike Martin


Research into the potential for Defence Diversification - carried out on the initiative of the Trade Unions, Academic Institutions and Nuclear Free Local Authorities - took place in the 1980s and 1990s. As far as is known, there is no current activity around this question in Scotland. Given the numbers of defence related jobs in Scotland there is a need to review the impact that the abolition of the UK’s nuclear deterrent would have on employment. What measures could be put in place to alleviate the negative effects this might have on the workforce?

For a defence diversification initiative to have any effect the Scottish Parliament must debate and consider its proposals. We should investigate the possibility of setting up a Scottish Parliamentary Committee. This would look at how to transform the Scottish economy from its current high level of dependency on military related economic activity to one with a high level of sustainable economic activity. A priority would be the establishment of a Scottish Defence Diversification Research Unit.

Read the full text of the report on the Workshop on Reviving Defence Diversification.

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