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Scottish Election 2011

Please lobby the candidates standing in the 2011 Scottish Election to remind them about Trident.

Constituency candidates
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There is a facility for sending multiple email messages to the candidates in your constituency and region at:

Scotland's for Peace is sending out a survey to candidates standing in the election asking four questions:

1. The Scottish Parliament should continue to call on the UK government not to go ahead with the current proposal to replace Trident. Yes / No

2. The Scottish Parliament should call on the UK government to cease the deployment of Trident. Yes / No

3. The Scottish Parliament should support a Nuclear Weapons Convention (a global ban on nuclear weapons). Yes / No
  4. Are you for or against the construction of new nuclear power stations in Scotland ? For/Against

Below is the covering letter which has been sent with this survey:

The UK Government are preparing to base a new generation of nuclear-armed submarines at Faslane until 2060.  This programme to replace Trident has been delayed, but it is still proceeding.  The main contracts are due to be placed in 2016.  Between 2011 and 2016 there will be an extensive programme of preliminary work which will cost hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

The Scottish Parliament has taken a stance on this important issue.  On 14 June 2007 it passed, by an overwhelming majority, a resolution saying:

“That the Parliament congratulates the majority of Scottish MPs for voting on 14 March 2007 to reject the replacement of Trident, recognises that decisions on matters of defence are matters within the responsibility of the UK Government and Parliament and calls on the UK Government not to go ahead at this time with the proposal in the White Paper, The Future of the United Kingdom’s Nuclear Deterrent.”

We are writing to MSPs and candidates standing in the Scottish Election to ask for their views on this issue.